Fiberglass Allergy | House Dust Allergens

House Dust Allergens – Fiberglass

House Dust contains multiple problems such as fiberglass, mold spores, animal dander, dust mites and pollen. There are others but we will not Fiberglass Allergyaddress this now. It is important to understand house dust and how it can affect you. For example: When you sit down on a couch, small particles are released into the air by just sitting down on the couch. Sounds simple but there can be many different particles that are deposited onto the surface of your couch such as fiberglass and mold spores.

Fiberglass is small particle of glass that can be released from your A/C System or the fiberglass insulation in your attic.

People who have allergies such as Immune Compromised, Asthmatics, infants and elderly are especially sensitive to fiberglass and mold spores that cause respiratory problems.  There are many allergens in house dust such as bacteria, mildew, fungi, algae and dust mites which require you to keep the house dust under control use a HEPA style vacuum cleaner such as the Miele Vacuum Cleaner

House Dust Allergens – Fiberglass

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